Easy Template Design

Simple to use features with quality results!

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Automated Connections

Pick a template, enter a site and let our software do the rest. It's just that easy to get started.

Site or Page

You control what the connector looks for. Enter a list of pages or have it check the entire site.

Check-once or Recurring

Export the information once or setup regular updates to keep a eye on the information as it changes over time.

Delivery Service

Have the data sent to you when the work is finished or schedule regular updates.

Multiple Formats

Export to several formats and industry standards.

Report Features

Stay updated on what's happening with real-time progress.

Automobile Listings

Release - Connect to partner dealership websites, including price, description, make, model, year and features.

Real Estate

Pre-Release - In the ever changing world of real estate, quickly finding and maintaining location, bed, bath, features and more is a must.


Pre-Release - Stay updated and grow your contact list with business name, contact name, address, phone, email and website details.

Job Listings

Coming Soon - Never miss out on the latest trends in the market place. Connect to new postings, job id, description, salary and much more.


Coming Soon - It's never been easier to find the best deal or grow sales with a product export. Find SKU, price, title, description and more. Start connecting to you partners today.

Product Reviews

Coming Soon - See how an item ranks with customers and get an even better idea with their comments.